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Tribal Retreat at Pahoyan, Peru with maestro Gilberto Mahua

September 10, 2019
October 22, 2019 (All day)
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Whether you want to experience, heal, learn or transform, this is truly an opportunity to travel to the source of where it all began and is still authentically being practiced to this day.

‘La dieta’ is a tradition, thousands of years old practice for the Shipibo culture. We do the diet to heal; to learn to heal; to learn about ourselves and all the worlds.

This journey is an immersion into a semi-remote tribal Shipibo community of Pahoyan located on the Ukulele River, Amazonia’s of Peru. On behalf of the curandero (shaman) and his family we invite you on two weeks intensive plant medicine study, embarking on a ‘plant dieta’.

In this journey we are safely living, learning and healing directly from Gilberto Mahua and his family, receiving the medicine in a way that has been practiced in ceremonial use for thousands of years through the Mahua family lineage. This is one of the oldest living lineages of curanderos in the Amazon. Prepare to enter into a completely different way of life, experiencing Amazonian medicinal plant use, raw nature, remote tribal living and connecting to what plant medicine is to the Shipibo tribe.


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This is not a fancy setting in the exotic resort. We are guests in the Mahua family home-based and family operated small retreat center, participating in their ceremonies and living their way of life. They make food, accommodations and preparations daily for us with love. They truly are beautiful people and we are happy to be in each other’s presence.

Instead of inviting you to the set dates of the retreat, I am offering to join me in Pahoyan for 10+ days any time between Sep 10 – Oct 22. Within those dates, you have a full control over your arrival and departure times. I will be organizing your travel logistics and supporting you in the village.

Ceremonies are held every other day by Gilberto Mahua and Oscar Rodrigues.



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