In Upper Amazon, along the Río Ucayali lives the tribe that consists of around 35,000 people living in over three hundred villages – the Shipibo. Despite 300 years of sporadic contact with civilized world and massive conversion to Christianity in the 1950’s and 60’s, the Shipibo people maintain a strong tribal identity and retain many of their ancient shamanic practices. According to the tradition that reaches back thousands of years, several members of the community were carrying the ancient knowledge and art of communicating between the physical and the spiritual worlds – healers, shamans calling on the spirits, with the knowledge and skills to restore the balance in one`s body, and in community.



I have had a privilege to study traditional Amazonian shamanism for over 10 years now, having been trained extensively in the indigenous Shipibo-Conibo lineage with legendary curandero maestro Kestembetsa, studying under and working closely with maestros and maestras Maria Valera, Walter Martinez Guimaray, Arturo Izquierdo, Olivia Arevalo. 



Since 2016 I`ve been studying with renowned Shipibo maestros Pascual Mahua Ochavano and Guilberto Mahua. Work is carried with integrity, dedication and deep respect to whatever story brought you to medicine. 


Events that I am leading are authentic shamanic ceremonies targeted for small groups people with the focus on individual deep work. 




Since 2021, I have been studying Andean art of Despacho in tradition of Paqos of Sacred Valley and Q`uero. Despacho is an offering to the land and the whole ecosystem, an ask to balance our lives in reciprocity and harmony with the local and global world.