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3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Natasha says:

    Robert hi,
    If you can stay without these medications for a week, that would be enough and you are welcome to join.
    Sorry for the delay, been traveling lately a lot.

  2. Lorraine Esther says:

    Profound Beauty is what I found in Biriyakata. Her respect and integrity for the medicine ways provided a safe space and time for me to be open to receive the gifts. My blessing to you, Kadeshtee – Walk in Beauty all the days of your life . . .

  3. Sveta says:

    I wasn’t planning to do the transformation work at the time I met Biri Yakata. I had very stressful time at my work and felt that I need to stay focused and alert. I felt needed to complete my projects here before I could relax. When I received an invite from my close friend who was hosting Biri Yakata weekend at her house I also felt very tired and just wanted to rest home.

    However, I never turn down the invites from the grandma that come from that friend of mine, so I decided to go and participate as a helper.
    When I met Biri Yakata I told her that I am not ready to put myself through any stressful experience at the time as things are chaotic at my work and I want to stay focused in this world.

    I felt tremendous trust from the first moment I met Biri Yakata. She transmited kindness and joy. She said that the ceremony will give me exactly what I need and will be gentle and healing. And so it was: gentle and deeply healing for my soul and body.

    During the ceremony Biri Yakata did the healing on me. During her healing I felt some blocks in my body and realized their dissolution.
    After the ceremony I felt that something on a very deep level got resolved. It was connected to my sexual energy. It felt like some open window inside me got closed and I hold the key and is in control of the energy coming out. It felt like some bound was lifted. I felt free, balanced and deeply rested.
    When I went back to work, somehow things there came to ease, on their own.

    I feel deep gratitude for Biri Yakata and am looking forward to see her again.

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